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Day 1077

I apparently don’t get enough sleep or eat enough. Seriously, those are both things I need to work on.

SO I drove a lot today, but I did think a lot. Unfortunately I do not remember what I thought about. Fortunately I have another thing to talk about.

Sicknesses suck, not just for the sick person, but also for anyone who cares about them. It especially sucks when it is a long term thing and the sick person is not able to be self sufficient. It, at some point, becomes frustrating for everyone involved. While the sick person usually has it the worst, their friends and family suffer as well, to some extent. Really, that brings us back to normal human nature and empathy. Even if the person can still do things like drive themself places their friends and family still suffer because of empathy.

Anyway, that is all. Good night.

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Day 1076

I am not feeling great. I think I am dehydrated.

Anyway, I am really happy. I now have a new group of friends here in California kind of. It is my sister and her fiance’s group of friends. I keep being invited to do stuff with them and I seem to fit right in. It is pretty awesome!

As I have said before, it is always good to have more friends. Also if you need a friend or someone to talk to you can always contact me.

Anyway, I need to sleep. I had planned on being productive tonight but I am not feeling good enough. I need to have a bunch of water then go to sleep.

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Anonymous asked: How many planks would fit between your house and your school?

How large is a plank? And do you mean my home in California or in Kentucky?

I googled “size of a plank” and there is apparently a unit of measurement “planck”, which is 1.616199(97)*10^(-35) meters.

My house in California is about 2,064 miles, or 3321686meters from UK, so it is about 2.0552457*10^41 plancks from my house to my school.

Maybe you meant 2 X 4 planks of wood. They are about 8 feet long usually, so 1,362,250 planks of wood that are 8 feet long.


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Anonymous asked: If you could, would you eat an entire case of gummy bears?

First, how large is this case?

And second, YES!

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Anonymous asked: What would you do if one of your close friends wanted to sleep with you naked?

Well, it has been joked about with lots of my friends, but if they were serious I would be surprised (since basically all of my closest friends are straight and male, and several have girlfriends) and I would probably just respectfully decline. 

If we go to a hypothetical situation of me having a close friend who is female, then I would suggest dating and getting married first.

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Anonymous asked: Would you rather have a girlfriend that couldn't have kids? Or a girlfriend that is pregnant with someone else's kid?

Well neither one would be something that would make me not date someone. For the second I assume she was pregnant before we started dating. If not, I would be very annoyed with her cheating.

To answer the question, though, I would go for the couldn’t have kids. We could always adopt.

Again, either would be fine though.

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Day 1075

First, to the person who asked the strange questions (I assume Yuki) I will be answering them shortly.

My sleep schedule is even more crazy than it use to be. I have no idea what it is.

Anyway, on the way to the airport I thought about something I have discussed on a previous blog I think. Why we like video games, and I will extend it to shows like Game of Thrones. They allow us to live realities that we can never really live. I play Skyrim largely with the morals of myself (until I have to do things like join the thieves guild or dark brotherhood). I am able to put myself as a character and do unrealistic and dangerous things knowing that I will not actually be hurt. It is pretty awesome!!

So thats all for now. good night.