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Day 1110

I was still fairly unproductive today. The problem was that I started playing games when I got up rather than starting working on stuff. Luckily there is no school tomorrow and I do not have class on Tuesday. As far as school related goes I only got a bit done. For personal stuff though I got a bit more done than usual. If I continue on then I should have something to show for it tomorrow.

I have been procrastinating a topic, and I will continue to procrastinate, talking about the first thing we did in my art class, which was about ourselves. If that thing ends up not coming out tomorrow then I will discuss that art project.

Right now I am listening to an extended version of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. I mentioned before that I need to start posting more videos of what I am listening to, so I will post that. I have not listened to a lot of music lately though.

So that is all for now. Good night.

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Day 1109

I really procrastinated today. Luckily it is a 3 day weekend and I do not have class on Tuesday, because I have a lot to do and I need to start tomorrow. It is kind of difficult to get back into the habit of doing homework, especially when it goes from none to a ton of homework. If I understood right I have a project due Wednesday. Technically we haven’t even had a class yet, so our first is Wednesday, when we have that project due. So that is fun. Thats the one that I am irrationally nervous about.

So that is all to really talk about for now. Good night.

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I am playing skyrim…

 and I am fighting a bandit of some sort near Windhelm. I swung my great sword to hit the bandit and this horse runs in out of nowhere, right to where I am swinging. He was running when he died, so momentum carried him forward flipping over rocks. It happened so fast I couldnt react. I am still laughing about it.

Filed under skyrim funny funny skyrim skyrim horse video games games what the hell where did that horse come from windhelm bandit flipping horse dead horse Not sure where that horse came from it was pretty funny though it just started flipping really fast forward

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Day 1108

So I had school today. I do like my professors, but I got really nervous about my first architecture assignment and I should not be. It is basically drawing. As long as you work on it a lot you will do fine is basically the impession I got, yet I felt like I was getting some anxiety hearing the assignment. I am not sure why.

Anyway, I may be really busy the rest of the semester, but I think it should all be fun. So good night.

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Day 1107

It was nice not having school today. I got to play some minecraft with Yuki. I do not feel like going to school in the morning, but I have to. I also do not have time to write this all now. I need to go to bed. good night.