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Ok, no thoughts or anything to add from those messages. It helps that the links were not working. There could be some interesting discussion tomorrow if the links work.

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Day 1036

Ok, so I have been gone all day, so I just opened up Tumblr and I have 5 messages and a new follower… I have checked, and the messages are not ones I share publicly, but I wanted to just say I will get to them eventually. I am kind of tired and may go to bed before getting to all of them.

And thank you to the new follower. I always love new followers and find it cool when they find my blog!

So anyway, I overslept from practice today, was up for a little while then went to my sisters to watch Game of Thrones, then came home and left to pick up a cousin from the airport, flights got messed up, so we went to dinner, brought my mom home then went back to the airport, dropped her off at my grandmas and are now home. I am tired.

I have nothing to reflect on right now, though I may have some comments or thoughts after reading some of the messages. I am tired though. Good night.

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Day 1035

Nothing new. I should go to bed. I played some Minecraft with Yuki today. So overall, my life remains unchanging and I did not think of anything.

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Day 1034

I have now watched the first 3 episodes of Game of Thrones.

In other news, I have started coming up with a game to make cleaning more fun. It will take a while for me to get everything worked out, but making things into a game makes it easier to get chores done. My sisters fiance, for example, had a competition with my niece to see who could do more of the dishes faster. As a result they got them done pretty fast and had fun.

Seriously, fun is the best way to get things done.

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Day 1033

It is kind of funny and odd how we worry about things we have no control over. Worrying will not help, so why worry? The problem is stopping is not that simple. I don’t really understand it, and trying to while half asleep doesnt help. Good night.

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Day 1032

I have heard this before, but Newtons law of Inertia applies to people too. I didnt do anything today, so I remained doing nothing. It is hard to go from playing games all day to being productive. So I thought about nothing noteworthy and I played Minecraft and Skyrim, so that is about all for my day…

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Day 1031

So I am back home now. I am not really sure what to talk about.

I think travel is good for me getting ideas and planning stuff. Today I planned like 3 things, a Minecraft map, a graphic and something else I cannot remember right now.

On the way up yesterday I drew the Skyrim logo.

I guess thats all. Nothing much. I was tired today.

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Well, I have now watched the first episode of Game of Thrones. I do not plan on reading the books. I read too slowly and it will take way too long. Anyway, enjoying the show so far, though I have very little understanding of what is going on yet. I am use to that with shows though.